These settings will be used when you setup your EMAIL CLIENT, such as OUTLOOK or OUTLOOK Express.
This protocol is used to RECEIVE your email.


Replace {yourdomainname} with eg:
This protocol is used to SEND your email.



Due to Australian Government SPAM regulations, most ISP's have blocked sending mail out on Port 25, the standard port used for SMTP and have forced any outgoing mail to be sent through your ISP mail server.

Check with the company providing you access to the internet...
eg: Westnet, Bigpond, Optusnet, Dodo, TPG, etc.

Be sure to set this to the relevant account with your ISP. Most ISP's have this listed on their website under mail settings. or you will NOT be able to send mail correctly

This is used to LOGIN and collect your mail from the Mail Server


Password is a required field

This will be supplied to you from Net Exposure or beauthosting.

It may also be changed from your Domain Administrator Account


We know passwords are hard to remember and it is human nature to use easy passwords. We would however recommend using passwords that are a combination of numbers and letters and are at least 10 characters long.

This is for your own protection as it makes it much harder for people to crack your passowrd in the event of an outside intrusion attack.
To check you mail from a web browser, login using you LOGIN & PASSWORD at the following address ...

This account will contain any mail that has not been downloaded onto your computer using you normal mail client - ie: Outlook, Outlook Express, etc

You can also send new messages or reply to messages received.
When your mail account was created, one account was setup as the MAIL ADMINISTRATOR account. You would have been advised of this account in your initial correspondence.

Login at this address with this MAIL ADMINISTRATOR account -

You will then be able to add new accounts, change passwords or change the status of any existing account.
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